Powell Says Cryptocurrencies Not Big Enough Yet to Pose Threat

Jul.18 — Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell comments on cryptocurrencies during testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.


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3 Thoughts to “Powell Says Cryptocurrencies Not Big Enough Yet to Pose Threat”

  1. TROLL – you won't know what hit ya… IT'S COMING

  2. Investor risk a) qe vs investor risk b) cryptos. I don't like both. Why? They both have the human factor. I like gold, because so far humans can't produce gold in labs. That doesn't mean I like gold either. But from 3 bad options: a) is worst b) 2nd worst c) least worst. Let's go with option c). Too bad there isn't option c) for presidents… in this case not voting for either? Or maybe just emigrate. In that case Trump wall needs to have no holes for the sheeple to escape.

  3. What currency in the history of mankind is any better at hiding illegal activity than the US dollar? What currency has been devalued any greater over time than fiat currencies, such as the US dollar? The establishment is living in their own dream world they don’t want to see end. As long as the public stays asleep, the dream will continue.

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