Bitcoin Scalability to Power Next Bull Run, Pantera’s Krug Says

Oct.16 — Joey Krug, co-chief investment officer at Pantera Capital, discusses the next bull run for Bitcoin as he sees the cryptocurrency “close to a bottom” with the potential to grow “10X” from here. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde at the Sooner Than You Think Conference on “Bloomberg Markets.”


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39 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Scalability to Power Next Bull Run, Pantera’s Krug Says”

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  2. EOS is already at 4k transactions per second. Goodbye Ethereum…..if you can't scale……YOU'RE DONE

  3. ETHEREUM #1
    Imagine not buying @200dollars when its going to be 20X that during next bullrun.

  4. Cybermiles going to the moon. Xrp also going to the moon

  5. why does he blink in just 1 eye wtf

  6. You dont have to use CON-BASE
    Use the abra wallet

  7. Bitcoin can't ever scale. The Lightning Network has been running for months now, and still no results. Well, we gave it a chance guys. (Sarcasm). BTW you don't even need to wait a couple of years to use a monetary system which has solved scalability. You can use Visa today! Many sh*tcoins can scale too; the only problem with them is that it costs $217 to do a 51% attack and steal your money. Then all 17 users will go crying to the SEC. That's why I'm sticking with the old and boring Bitcoin! Betting on the failure of the LN is quite risky.

  8. Why wait. XRP already fixed what BTC fails to do.

  9. Bitcoin with lightning network and federated side-chains like LBTC SBTC. checkmate.

  10. DGB is already as fast as Visa.

  11. Yes they all keep skipping over the fact that the lightning network exists and is working right now, it
    has enabled the Bitcoin Network to process millions of transactions per sec

  12. This guy is lying through his nose. He knows scalability is NOT the issue.

  13. god these idiots are so uneducated and greedy. Bitcoin is the only one that is scaling properly and innovating and has the most intelligent people working in the space, people that built the internet.. All other shitcoins are literally doing shit. shitcoiners….

  14. I love the comments of literally dozens and dozens of people shilling their stupid ass bags of coins saying how fast their chain is LOL. So blind, so greedy…

  15. I’m so thankful I came across Mrs Smith’s amazing tutorials, she has helped me manage and earn profits on my investment through her trading platform.

  16. 10x from here is laughable. I'd say 10x from 2017 ATH

  17. XRP to the moon. Fastest digital currency in the world.

  18. Gdax (coinbase pro) cost nothing…

  19. next time put the chairs in a flea market.. idiots.

  20. CFL fiat to crypto platform launch OCT 31

  21. 10x will be nice, yes please !!!!!

  22. DGB is already very fast

  23. Crypto currencies crashed as anyone with two brain cells could see. Anybody who made any money is long gone.

  24. Guys.. we all know "deep down" we are just a toilet flush away from disaster at the hands of manipulating coders and whales.. right 🙂

  25. He makes no sense, how would he explain then how BTC managed to go to 20k without any ‘real world applications’? This shows his lack of understanding of BTC. The rise of alt-coins was mostly powered by the rise of BTC and investors looking to increase their BTC positions by hedging it with the alts. That is why everything in crypto moves with BTC. Bitcoin as it is works perfectly fine as a reserve currency and store of value, if you need more speed to buy your coffee, then just use PayPal, MasterCard or Visa…

  26. Dont do crypto kids. Its a waste of money..

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  28. who the fuck is this fat pathetic dork worthless fucking crooks on bloombergs

  29. Guys, buy EXMR from IDEX or YoBit. It's great coin and has circulating supply of just 11m so the price will go up soon. Study and buy.

  30. Bitcoin will be way faster than VISA. wtf is this guy talking?

  31. these paid XRP shills all those comment sections are annoying. There is quite some evidence for an orchestrated XRP propaganda. just pathetic.

  32. Lightning is banking 2.0, it also doesn’t even work well

  33. Pantera down 72% good management

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