The Future of Cryptocurrency Policy

Oct.16 — Former U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commissioner Sharon Bowen speaks with Bloomberg Intelligence’s Ben Elliott about the outlook for cryptocurrencies regulation at the Bloomberg Sooner Than You Think technology summit in Brooklyn.


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24 Thoughts to “The Future of Cryptocurrency Policy”

  1. I don’t the idea of government trying to come in and attempt to take our money. They are looking for ways to regulate cryptos, so that they will over tax us keeping us poor. They need to butt out and leave us alone.

  2. 10:20 You include people based on gender/skin and not on personal merits?? Sad!

  3. I'm glad to hear the CFTC is focusing on enforcement against known scammers, not regulation that prevents all access to crypto by retail investors. I don't think it would work if they tried to lock retail investors out of the post-ICO markets anyway, given it's a global industry. The US must not be left behind, not on the tech and also not our citizens left out of the economic potential of this market.

  4. No more giving away free stolen cryptos.😎

  5. Somebody needs to save the clip @1:22 to play after the collapse in 2019 😂

  6. BTC hit 18k with just average Joes. To big to fail banks stay away we don't need you! Go make a scam elsewhere with your bailouts and garbage lies. As soon as the talk of etfs and other forms of large investments by banks and other thieves btc is down and can't really breakout. I wish banksters would just keep printing their unlimited supply of toilet paper and f@ck off! Average people would make their money over and over. My 2 cents anyway.

  7. Why not send these so called polls to the masses and let’s get a true measure…

  8. The created futures to suppress the prices of crypto and keep the small people small simply put…

  9. Don't give me this line of crap. This has been planed for years. Patent in 1988 by the guy working for ripple who made xrp and worked for NSA. David Swartz is Satoshi

  10. lol visa 65k tps is a lie. try more like under 2k

  11. Bitcoin is sound money. It’s decentralized, trust-less, unconfiscatible and there will never be quantative easing. Just wait until we start to see negative interest rates, mass bail-ins of bank deposit and bans on cash. It’s only then that the masses will learn its true value.

  12. F___ Coinbase.
    Charlie Lee works for coinbase, creates litecoin, litecoin gets added to coinbase, Charlie Lee mines his own coin, Charlie Lee sells all his LTC at all time high. (SCAM)

    I can't believe that
    have added another coin that has 3 previous members of staff that worked for them… Oh wait I can believe it… You are what is wrong with crypto and stopping world adoption because of your insider trading scams
    F___ Coinbase

  13. reading the comments… people are really into the xrp scam i see. you want a capital system that frees the people from fiat, so you look into a private corporation where the block chain is private and the owners of the company own like 60% of the money supply?! i quit. HODL BTC LTC VERT NAV MONERO

  14. Sooo….. nothing to see here lol. Would have gotten more information out of asking a stripper who accepts BTC.. When will the government and regulation over site committees actually higher people that know whats going on in the space and what it is and how to actually sustain a productive conversation without inserting political activism advertisements..

  15. The FEd will always lie and say crypto is no competition…they have to say that..or they have lost on beforehand.

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  18. Visa and its 65k TPS is a total misconception and not even true. The average is 15k and a POTENTIAL of 25k. The highest average is 18k during the Christmas period.
    There are alternatives people can look for, Bitcore, for example, has a 2.5 min. average blocktime and can handle about 50 million transaction daily

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