Future of Crypto Is Brighter Than Ever, Says Bitcoin.com’s Ver

Dec.04 — Roger Ver, chief executive officer at Bitcoin.com, discusses if we’ve reached a floor on the recent selloff in bitcoin, his outlook for cryptocurrencies, regulation of the industry, Bitcoin cash and mainstream adoption. He speaks exclusively on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”


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11 Thoughts to “Future of Crypto Is Brighter Than Ever, Says Bitcoin.com’s Ver”

  1. Roger Ver renounced his US citizenship – that means it might be hard for him to live in the US full time.

  2. For BTC sure long-term but not for his altcoin

  3. Bakkt and Nasdaq futures will push btc to Very Deep price for few years, same shit happen with silver after futures

  4. Not a fan of Taxes? 👋🏽 . . . 💸

  5. Bitcoin Cash has zero chance for mass adoption.

  6. hacking doesnt represent growth and value, it represents weakness and vulnerability

  7. 1:02 is this guy retarded? Ya they want to hack it to exchange to fiat lmao

  8. 3:35 this guy is a cancer, his shilling is awful in this whole video, the government isn't sitting there accepting crypto in a wallet, bitpay is just exchanging it from crypto to fiat, the state of Ohio would never know if crypto was used or not lmao

  9. I don't know why so many people hate BCH – it's Bitcoin with on-chain scaling, Bitcoin Core is trying out off-chain scaling. No need to get so butthurt, they both contribute to each other as the Core guy found the SIGHASH_BUG with BCH's codebase and the BCH guy found the CVE-2018–17144 inflation bug in Core's base. zzz.

    And BCH is pretty awesome btw (low fees, OP_return, OP_DSV, MEX mkt). Bitcoin is cool too (LN, adoption etc., SOV ,mkt).

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